My idea for this assignment was take high contrast back and white photos. I asked Destiny to model for me because I think photos with people tell a more intricate story. I like how these photos came out with the black and white. I need to improve on making a more balanced black and white, and not making contrast too strong.


A: 20 I turned in 6 b&w photos

Q: 20 all photos have been edited

C: 18 most of the photos have a compositional design

CC: 20 each photo came out well in b&w


I am walking out on Friday for the march for climate change so I turned this in early

Portrait Assignment

For this portrait assignment I wanted to use mirrors and shutter speed. I don’t like taking photos of myself so these photos were ways to not necessarily show my face but still be considered a portrait. The mirror photo can also be considered as a statement about looks over personality or materialism in society. Peoples looks are valued over their personality in many different scenarios in todays society. I chose to do light writing because it is one of my favorite photo techniques, though I wish the came out less blurry.

Self Portrait: Jeff Wall

I like the confusion in this photograph, because you have to look at it for awhile before fully understanding whats going on. I also like the ‘male gaze’ concept in this self portrait, and how it is based on a painting. I like Cindy Sherman’s self portrait too.

Display Case

My name is Anna Carr, I am a sophomore. I enjoy taking photos of people and nature, and using different lightings and shutter speeds to create different effects. I like images with pops of color and interesting shadows.

Movie Posters

My idea for this assignment was to recreate Scream and a Beatles album, but I decided to do Ladybird instead. I think I edited them well but the angles probably could’ve been a little different to make them spot on.


A: 20 I made two movie posters

Q: 20 both have been edited

C: 18 both share similar angles to the originals

CC: 20 I like What I came up with


Theme Assignment

Artist Statement:

My original idea for this assignment was city vs. rural, but my photos ended up fitting into the theme of nature. All my photos have different types of nature in them. I think I did a good job framing each image in an interesting way, but I wish there was more color in some of them.


A: 20 all my photos fit my theme

Q: 18 edited to the best of my ability

C: 20 different uses of framing and compositional guidelines

CC: 20 turned in on time