Multiplicity and Combined Sequence

Artist Statement :

My idea for this assignment was to get Emmy doing different and random things.

I executed them by going outside and making Emmy do cartwheel and then we went to the studio and i made her be in different positions with different objects

My strengths in my work are the way i masked it and the different positions i made her do.

An area i need to improve in is masking the shadows just because i had a difficult time.


I would give myself a 20/20 just because i did the masking pretty well and i met the standards.



Outside before & the ending of lunch:


Cars Driving:

Then & Now:

Actual Time:


I give myself a 16/20 because I know I could’ve been more creative and did an outstanding job but I did simple things in my opinion.

Artist Statement:

My idea for this assignment was to either go back in time or be in the present. In one of my pictures I put a put from 23 years ago and compared it to one of the pictures I took recently. I executed my ideas by trying to get photos from the past to se how time exactly has changed. My strengths of my work are my diptychs. The area that need more improvement is my creativity.