black and white

black and white for me is honestly one of my favorite ways to edit my photos. i like doing black and white because i feel like it makes my pictures look sharper. my favorite one was probably either the shoe or the one of the tree. i like the way theres a little bit of the sun hitting the shoe and how the leaf and the dirt and other stuff look around it. the tree one i like that one the most because it has a lot of texture and the contrast of the picture looks good next to the bright spots. i love the way it focused on the bright part of the tree and the rest is blurred out.

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self portraits

my portraits aren’t really that good but it kind of explains who i am. the first one shows how you would basically see me at school they way i dress. i’m always on my phone and either texting my friend or changing my music. The second one shows me in a gown. i decided to do that because im a senior and i will be graduating soon.

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fall theme

so instead of doing a movie poster i decide to do a fall themed post. It was kind of difficult to think of something fall related so i just went with it. Diego was wearing a jacket that reminds me a lot of fall especially because of the dark green. i went outside and i took some pictures in places where there was a lot of shadows because thats what fall reminds me of, dark colors. i also tried getting a warm feeling on the pictures.

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assignment 2: time

artistic stament:

these pictures are from the first game, i’m helping yearbook take pictures. i tried my best my best to capture the good moments.