Framing & Line

This is a line photo. The lines show  from the bottle and the wall. I chose this photo because I think the way the lines show is vey cool and unique.

This is another line photo. You can see the lines by the lights on the wall. I like the neon blue and how it makes the lines really stick out.

This is framing photo. The wood is what framing the lake and the boats. I chose this photo because it looks very old school especially because of the wood.

This is another framing photo. The frame in this photo i think is really dope, it’s like a perfect frame. I chose this photo because of how good the wood framed the dock.

Simplicity and Mergers

This is a Merging photo because the hand and moon are together. The quality of light is the light from the moon. It is a really good example of a forced  perspective photo.

This is a Merging photo. The man is holding a hanger over a bridge. The quality of light in this photo is the sunset.


This is a Simplicity photo. It is a simplicity photo because the lightbulb is the main subject. The quality of light is if you didn’t know already the lightbulb.


This is another Simplicity photo because the droplets or better say the droplet is the main subject. The quality of light in this photo is the green plant reflecting it’s color into the droplets




Shutter Speed

This is a blur motion photo. I believe that they didn’t need to use a tripod.

This is a freeze action photo. I don’t think that they needed a tripod.

This is also another freeze action photo. I do think they used a tripod to capture the owl flying.

This is the 3rd action photo. I most certainly think they used a tripod to capyure this photo.

This is a panning photo. I’m not exactly sure if they used a tripod or not, but I think that they used a tripod.

Last but not least, this is a light writing photo. I am convinced that they used a tripod.

Quality of Light

I consider this a diffused  light picture because it doesn’t have any hard shadows.

I consider this a diffused light picture because you cant see the butterflies shadow.

I consider this a silhouette  picture because it has like the black shadows and not so much detail.

i consider this a silhouette picture because it has the black no detail shadows.

I consider this a direct light picture because  the shadows are dark.

I consider this a direct light picture because the shadow is direct.

A to Z


  1. It really pushed me to actually look at things and see what else it could be rather than the object it orginally  was.
  2. I am really happy with my A, B, and O. I think the came out looking pretty cool.
  3. The hardest part for me was actually getting camara time. I was coming in late which led to me not being able to take pictures.


  1. This is a photograph of an elephant. It is walking through wheats or grass. It is a sunny day and it looks happy.
  2. It would be considered a landscape/nature photograph because it is a live animal. and it is in nature.
  3. I like this image because my favorite animal is an elephant so that’s why I choose this picture.



  1. There is a man walking, the Taj Mahal is in the background.
  2. I think it falls under street because it’s a very historic building and it’s well known around the world.
  3. I think this building is one of the most beautiful buildings ever. It has so much history behind it and I’ve always wanted to visit it.


  1. There’s a women with a headpiece. She looks happy and has her hands together.
  2. I say it falls under as portrait, I say this because its a person and it shows that she has a religious background.
  3. I chose this portrait because I love that type of background and she looks so beautiful.


  1. It’s a crashed plane. It looks pretty old and in the middle of nowhere.
  2. I think it falls under as documentary, documentary because it could be about planes or something.
  3. I chose it because its the only photograph I could find that could fall in the documentary category.


  1. It’s a photograph of a flower pedal but a paint brush is painting it.
  2. I think it falls under as surreal/composite. It’s not really possible for someone to paint such a real looking picture but looking like a photograph.
  3. It caught my attention because I actually thought it was real until I saw the paint brush.


  1. It’s a picture of a young women. She is in like some sort of factory, she has a serious face kind of.
  2. I say it falls under fashion/commercial. I say this because her style of clothes is very retro very trendy. You really don’t wear that to a factory. Or could also be promoting the factory.
  3. This photograph caught my attention because her choice of clothes is dope. Her pants are sick and the picture is overall a vibe.