Movie Poster

A- I give myself a 12 because we were suppose to submit 2 and I only was able to do 1.

Q- 20 because I used photoshop to edit my poster

C- 16 because a photo uses a compositional guideline

C- 20 because I feel like I spent my time wisely to do this poster and not rushed it

  1. My idea for this project was to use Dumb and Dumber as my movie and my characters were to use Alexa and Stefania.
  2. I executed my idea by first getting the picture done with. Then was to focus on my lettering cause that was the hardest part.
  3. My strengths for my work was finding a good place to take the work and using an accurate photo.
  4. The areas that need improvement are the lettering because I thought that was difficult for me.

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