Self portrait plan

My plan for this assignment is for one of my pictures I want to go into the studio and take a picture of myself holding a soccer ball and in my jersey. For the 2nd picture I want to take a picture of me with my airpods on because Im always listening to music. For my 3rd picture Im thinking of doing a picture of me hugging my friends because I care and love them. If not then I will do myself smiling or laughing because I feel like Im always happy.

The picture that stood out to me was Jeff Wall because the photo tripped me out for a second. I couldn’t picture the mirror and what was really in front of her. I was seeing it differently and I took me a while for me to get it. Also the picture that was created for this was really cool because I honestly was not expecting that creation. It came out really good. the face expressions were right on point.

Movie Poster

A- I give myself a 12 because we were suppose to submit 2 and I only was able to do 1.

Q- 20 because I used photoshop to edit my poster

C- 16 because a photo uses a compositional guideline

C- 20 because I feel like I spent my time wisely to do this poster and not rushed it

  1. My idea for this project was to use Dumb and Dumber as my movie and my characters were to use Alexa and Stefania.
  2. I executed my idea by first getting the picture done with. Then was to focus on my lettering cause that was the hardest part.
  3. My strengths for my work was finding a good place to take the work and using an accurate photo.
  4. The areas that need improvement are the lettering because I thought that was difficult for me.

Movie Poster Idea

For this assignment I I will be making a movie poster based off “dumb and dumber”. I will use Alexa and Stefania for the characters. I plan on using the studio for this. If this doesn’t turn out the way I wanted Ill try using a different idea which will beĀ  using the field for a soccer poster.

Plan for Theme

My plan for this assignment will be having sunsets as my background with locations in the back. Im not sure where my locations will be yet. If that doesnt work I might do dark night pictures. Im hoping i can go somehwere cool like downtown.


A: 16 because I submitted the photos I needed for this assignment.

Q: 16 because I could do better on the editing.

C: 20 because I have 2 compositional guidelines.

CC: 20 because it shows a understanding to the class what im trying to do.