1.What was the hardest part of this assignment and why? The hardest part was finding good backgrounds for the pictures.
2. How can you control DOF? With aperture, iso and shutter speed.
3. Which photograph do you like the most and why? I’ll put a heart in the caption, It’s my favorite photo because I really liked how the flower bushes looked in the back of her and her bright blue shirt really stood out against it.
4. How do you feel about taking people’s portraits? I really liked it, I feel like I did her justice in all the photos she doesn’t look bad and the backgrounds all are just how they should be.

Bird’s eye/Worm’s eye


  1. Find an example of a Bird’s Eye perspective and describe its strengths

It strengths is that since this is taken from a high level you’re able to see the whole town

  1. Find an example of a Worm’s Eye perspective and describe its strengths

  It strength is that you’re able to see what the people swimming can’t.

  1. Explain whyeye level is the least engaging perspective

Eye level is what your used to seeing so it’s nothing new and not unique.​

  1. Write two sentences explaining what you should (or should not) be doing when you are outside.
    Don’t climb on things to get a picture. Don’t roam around the halls.