Self-Portrait//Robert Capa//

The photographer I chose was Robert capa who is a very well-known war photographer. His self-protarits are all very simple but they all show him as he truly is. My favorite self-portrait of him shows him in front of what I believe is a deserted structure with a dog tied up behind him. In his self-portrait he in standing turned towards the left with a camera around his neck and holding an other camera over his shoulder, while turning his head to look directly at the camera. The visual impact this portrait has is too attest his ability to capture a likeness and giving a sense of his capabilities.


Assignment 9: Poster





My idea for this assignment was to recreate the goodfellas movie poster while also taking away and adding new features.

I executed my idea by keeping the overall dark and mysterious theme it had but taking away some characters and props.

The strengths for this assignment is finding and alining the font with the original poster.

The areas that need improvement would be making the exposure for the picture of Jonathon darker to match the original and the sizing of the added photos.