Genres :)


A blue tinted image of a woman leaning against a wall.

This is an example of a portrait, because it shows a woman and her emotions.

I like the colors they used in this photo.



A young lady graduating with tears in her eyes.

This is an example of documentary, because it shows her emotional day.

I like how this captures her special day.



A colorful sunset behind 3 mountains with a long lake.

This is an example of a landscape, because it shows a mountain, a river and a sunset in the background.

I like the many colors it shows in one image.



A man walking in a distance with an orange wall behind him.

This is an example of a street photo, because it shoes an average person simply walking.

I liked the focus this image gives the man.



A woman standing in front of a yellow wall with pink dust coming out of her head.

This an example of a surreal photo, because pink dust does not come out of a women’s head.

I liked the colors that where used in thus image.



A ballerina crossing her legs, leaning forward and crossing her arms behind her.

This is an example of a commercial photo, because this advertisis ballet.

I liked how the ballerina is well dressed doing her ballerina stuff.



My First Post

My name is Aliza.

I do not have a camera and have no experience with a camera besides me taking pictures of my sister with my phone camera. 🙂 I do not have any photoShop experience.I find inspirational photographs on instagram.An interesting fact about myself is that i have a goofy teacher that wears sword fish shirts. :,)