Comp 1 Activity 1 :)

Rule of Thirds 

These images are examples of rule of thirds, because the subject of the images are not in the center.

Symmetrical Balance

These images are examples of symmetrical, because the space is divided equally by the subject in the photo.

Asymmetrical Balance

These images are examples of asymmetrical, because the two subjects balance each other out in the image.


quality of (my) light

I personally prefer direct light, because i would like to see the images detail in direct sunlight. I am happiest with the top right image, because it is an image of the main building and i just like the way the image came out. I am least happy with the bottom right photo, because the image is too dark. Next time i would adjust the settings on my camera to brighten the image.


A: 16 – submitted required amount of photos

Q: 16-  all photos are cropped

C: 20- all photos complete guid lines

CC: 20- all photos show understanding of lesson


Quality of light

Direct sunlight 

These photos are direct sunlight photos, because the sunlight is  directly shinning on them without anything in between.

Diffused light 

These photos are diffused light, because the sunlight is not directly on them but the sun light is being blocked by an object making the object a softer tone.



These photos are silouette, because the light source is behind them making them look darker.


Workflow means a specific way of completing a task. Often the method that results in the best work. It will help me succeed because this method will help me stay organized. Organization is key to getting your work done and keeping it organized. File organization is so important because it helps me find my assignments easily and also keeps my documents organized. 🙂

Genres :)


A blue tinted image of a woman leaning against a wall.

This is an example of a portrait, because it shows a woman and her emotions.

I like the colors they used in this photo.



A young lady graduating with tears in her eyes.

This is an example of documentary, because it shows her emotional day.

I like how this captures her special day.



A colorful sunset behind 3 mountains with a long lake.

This is an example of a landscape, because it shows a mountain, a river and a sunset in the background.

I like the many colors it shows in one image.



A man walking in a distance with an orange wall behind him.

This is an example of a street photo, because it shoes an average person simply walking.

I liked the focus this image gives the man.



A woman standing in front of a yellow wall with pink dust coming out of her head.

This an example of a surreal photo, because pink dust does not come out of a women’s head.

I liked the colors that where used in thus image.



A ballerina crossing her legs, leaning forward and crossing her arms behind her.

This is an example of a commercial photo, because this advertisis ballet.

I liked how the ballerina is well dressed doing her ballerina stuff.



My First Post

My name is Aliza.

I do not have a camera and have no experience with a camera besides me taking pictures of my sister with my phone camera. 🙂 I do not have any photoShop experience.I find inspirational photographs on instagram.An interesting fact about myself is that i have a goofy teacher that wears sword fish shirts. :,)