reflection /rubric

assignment instructions : 20

quality/ technical: 16

composition: 20

communication: 20

  1. Relatively comfortable, still want more experience.
  2. It can really make a break a picture depending on the speed of the subject.
  3. I really like the one with the hat in the sky and the blue backdrop, It looks really pure and is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. I think the main component to improving my work is just more experience.


this is a good example of fast shutter speed because even though its moving fast it looks still. There is a direct light from the sun and the subject is in the center of the shot.

This is example of slow shutter speed. There is a slightly darker direct light, subject is in the bottom third and rule of thirds is used.

This is an example of panning. There is direct light and rule of thirds is used.

I used spot healing brush to remove annoying details and used the patch tool to mess up my face.

Nah im always ready/