i enjoyed creating portal more because it pushed me to be more creative. masking i think I’m happiest with the foot picture because it was the last one i edited and i had gotten the hang of it by then. no i am not a photoshop wizard i would rate myself a 5

studio reflection questions

i prefer working outside because i can be more creative and i don’t have to worry about setting up ¬†lights . i liked split better because it was simple . the hardest part about working in the studio was working with the lights and having to set things up.

reflection questions

1.) of the compositional guidelines we have worked on the one i understood ¬†the best i think would be rule of thirds because its simple and you know right away if it is rule of thirds . 2.)i think the most difficult for me to use would be asymmetry because i never really know if […]


photographs 1-3 are shallow depth of field because the background is out of foucus making the subject sharper. photograph 4 &5 are DDOF because the subject is further from the camera . the hardest part of this assignment for me was DDOF because it was hard for me to get far enough from the subject […]


pictures 1 and 2 are simplicity because the background is veery simple letting you focus on the subject.for the first picture you focus on the waves the sand makes and the second picture the bug . for picture1 the compositional guide line is leading line because the waves the sand makes leeds you into the […]

the first image is SDOF because the ladybug and branch are i focus the focal point is the ladybug,the compositional guideline is rule of thirds because the ladybug isn’t in the center. the second image is SDOF because the leaf is infects and the background isn’t . the focal point is the leaf,the compositional guideline […]

shutter speed

the first picture is slow shutter speed because the water is blurry and you can tell they used a slower shutter speed . picture number two is fast shutter speed because the cars are the bright light . this is panning because you can see the train clearly but the surroundings are still blurry this […]