1. I learned that I can move and look at my photos between shots, which makes it much easier to photograph
  2. I prefer horizontal because I like seeing the wide view of things and how much can occur in one space. Horizontal show more things than vertical.
  3.  The blue bike horizontal photo came out best because the photos all matched up well and the blank spaces were filled nicely. The exposure is also good.
  4. I would take a pano in Cairo Egypt, because the old part of the city is beautiful based off of photos I have seen. The buildings are beautiful and traditional.


A/I: 20, I submitted more than the required amount of edited photos

Q/T: 18, One of the photos is over exposed

C/D: 20, Each photo has a compositional design to it

C/C: 20, the photos show an artistic style and match the requirements of the assignment


Philippe Halsman was born May 2, 1906 in Riga, Latvia and died June 25, 1979, in New York. He grew up in Latvia taking vacations all around Europe, and became familiar with the portraits and paintings in the museum. When he was fifteen e found his love for photography. Philippe favored portraits, and photographed his friends and family. He went to college in Germany to study engineering, then moved to Paris to finish his studies. Near the end of his school life he abandoned it to become a photographer. HIs first real job as a photographer was for an aspiring actor that needed a portfolio for auditions. This showed Philippe that he had made the right decision, and showed him how different light shows different moods. He later used a gadget that cut shutter speed in half so his models wouldn’t look as stiff. He liked showing peoples real personality in his photos. Philippe married his apprentice and had a daughter. When WW2 started they left for New York. He continued his photography in the States. He ended up making at least 101 covers for life magazine. His ‘Jump Book’ is a collection of famous people jumping. He discovered that when an adult jumps it removes their mask and shows their real personality. The most important thing to him was to make the subject comfortable and forget the camera, to get to know them.

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Fernandel, the Frenchman 1953

Frank Sinatra 1944

Professor Einstein at his study in Princeton 1947

the British filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock 1974

1951. American actors Dean MARTIN and Jerry LEWIS.
USA. New York City. 1965. Barbra STREISAND posing in her apartment for a Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot.
1955. American actress Grace KELLY.
SWITZERLAND. Montreux. 1966. Russian-born writer Vladimir NABOKOV chasing butterflies near his home.
USA. 1959. The American Vice President Richard NIXON.
1958. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.


Philippe Halsman

“Orphee”. French poet, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. 1949
1958. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
1952. US Senator from Massachusetts John F. KENNEDY.
1944. American actress Lauren BACALL posing for the cover of LIFE Magazine.
Salvador DALI, Spanish painter.
“Dali Atomicus”.