Spring Portfolio

I duplicated all my photos to make a new photo thats why they say copy. To answer the questions I am going to use the photos number. I hope ha makes sense.


  1. This photo was for surreal.
  2. I liked the colors I could get from curves and the different color patterns in parts of the photo.
  3. I learned how to change the curves and stack very different layers on top of each other.


  1. This photo was for the mulligan project in which I did shutter speed.
  2. I like how the light appears like its coming from the outlet and traveling around the photo.
  3. I learned how to place the light writing instead of just hoping it will look interesting . I could plan how I wanted it.


  1. This photo was for Mulligan.
  2. I like the silhouette in the back, that figure and Destiny made it seem like the photo had a story behind it.
  3. I learned how to control light and use a slow shutter speed and get a planned photo.


  1. This photo was for the Famous Photographer assignment, I emulated Philippe Hallsman.
  2. I like the fantasy of this photo and surreal-ness.
  3. I learned how to make a successful multiple layer photos without endlessly shooting.


  1. This was for composition.
  2. I like the color of this photo and how it shares an endless pinkish red hue.
  3. I learned how to change the hue of certain parts of the photo to make it match.


  1. This was for Panorama.
  2. I like how many colors are in this photo and the depth of field.
  3. I learned how to stitch together panos.


  1. This was for the original Shutter Speed assignment.
  2. I like the story and mystery of having more than half of the photo blurred.
  3. I learned how to draw in light writing and how to make objects appear in long shutter speeds. I also learned that you do not need to be in complete darkness for light writing


  1. This was for shutter speed.
  2. I liked how intense the colors turned out.
  3. I learned how to write in light writing.


  1. This photo was for portals.
  2. I really liked the color and the blue hue. Also since it had rained the day before the water puddle reflected and added more contrast.
  3. I learned how to make portals in this photo.


  1. This photo was for composition.
  2. I like how the photo looks slightly like a movie cover with the color and Alex’s expression. It seemed like a movie cover for some movie about teenagers or high school.
  3. I learned how to change the saturation.


  1. This photo was for perspective/angles.
  2. I like the color and how there are only two main colors orange and blue, just many different tones of each one.
  3. I learned how to increase colors and take successful low angle shots.

Link to google folder with photos under ‘spring portfolio’.




My photos wont upload but I have my rubric grading and why I did it.


I chose to do the shutter speed assignment again, because I enjoy using different shutter speeds, and light writing. These photos are fun to edit and take because you never know exactly what will come out.


A/I: 20 I followed the theme and turned in photos

Q/T: 20 All the photos are edited

C/D: 20 each photo shows compositional design

C/C: 20 Each photo is unique and different

Link to google folder with photos under ‘mulligan’.



Mulligan Explanation

I am redoing the shutter speed assignment. I really enjoyed light writing, and blurred motion, and will also do motion capture. I want to use new techniques I know now to make successful shutter speed photos.


  1. I learned that I can move and look at my photos between shots, which makes it much easier to photograph
  2. I prefer horizontal because I like seeing the wide view of things and how much can occur in one space. Horizontal show more things than vertical.
  3.  The blue bike horizontal photo came out best because the photos all matched up well and the blank spaces were filled nicely. The exposure is also good.
  4. I would take a pano in Cairo Egypt, because the old part of the city is beautiful based off of photos I have seen. The buildings are beautiful and traditional.


A/I: 20, I submitted more than the required amount of edited photos

Q/T: 18, One of the photos is over exposed

C/D: 20, Each photo has a compositional design to it

C/C: 20, the photos show an artistic style and match the requirements of the assignment