Composition Examples

These pictures are symmetrical balance because they both are the same size on each side when you split them in the middle. the lion is diffused light and the car is direct light.

These pictures are both rule of thirds because they almost meet the center but they dont. They both are diffused light.

These pictures are asymmetrical because when you split them they don’t both equal on both sides. They both are diffused light.

Quality of Light

Direct Light

I chose these two for direct light because both of them have sharp shadows and both of them the light is hitting them.

Diffused Light

I chose these for diffused light because they both have soft shadows.

Silhouette Photography

I chose these as silhouettes because the sun is behind them and is giving them a black shadow.


Work Flow

Work flow is when you are focused on taking pictures because you have to get your work done and your not bored to get distracted or glance on your phone. In our class we will be using workflow by having assignments to take pictures of different things instead of going on our phone. File organazation is important because you have tp throw away the pictures you don’t want so they don’t get lost.  You have to keep the pictures you do want so they are easy to find.



This picture is portrait it shows the girl laying  down on the grass she looks like she is resting. Its appealing to me because I like the colors.


This picture represents street because the guy who was riding the bike didn’t know the the person took the photo. This photo is appealing to me because it shows the shadows and I really like that.

This photo is documentary because it is telling a story it is telling that the girl is moving out of her house and the only thing she has left is that one bear she is holding on to. This photo is appealing to me because it shows how everything seems so dark and sad.

This photo is landscape because the photo was taken to represent nature. I find this photo appealing because I like how the water is falling down from the water fall and it is a beautiful place and it seems so calm.

This photo is surreal because this is not really happening it looks like magic is coming out of his back pack. I find this photo appealing because the kid looks like he is amazed by his school work.

This photo shows commercial it is advertising the sun glasses for fashion. This photo is appealing to me because its cool cause I like the colors and the sun glasses.