1. I learned how to take panoramas with out using my phone.

2.I liked how the polar looked also the horizontal.

3. i have to say the horizontal one came out the best.

4. some where, where there is a water fall and a mountain next to each other.


1.I Prefer to use the studio because there are different ways you can use the lighting.

2.I liked the Rembrandt the most because it makes the pictures look cool.

3.moving the light road and getting random objects in the back.


1.I enjoyed levitation more because it was easier to of and more fun to me. put them on layers in photo she and mask each on of the.

3. This one because we it was my first one and i liked how it came out.

4.I don’t think I’m great at photoshop i still need a lot of work.I’d rate myself a 5.

Gallery Walk

  1. My favorite photograph out of all of then was #42.
  2. I liked this one the most because the Exit sign was all read and the lights were blue.
  3. I notices there was a color change in the image. they could of used color balance.
  4. I think its important to post your work so other people could see it and it would also make you take better picture when you see your old ones and see how far you’ve gone.

P.8 Giant/Micro

  1. The Photograph i a must happiest with is the now with the camera and the kid sitting on it.
  2. The greatest challenge was using Photoshop for the first time and learning how to do different things on it.
  3. I learn how to crop objects out of one photo and add it to another.Also,i learned how important it is to take a picture at the same angle as the other picture and to make sure they both have the same amount of lighting.